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About Me

I'm the queen. It's pretty much my job here. Deal with it.

" Not cool Tawpa. Funny at times.... but not
cool. You see... his first mistake was that he
believed anything you said. His second mistake
was thinking you had a soul. " -LiquidLou

" If you tell me when, I will nail my scrotum to a peice of wood on live feed> 10 nails if you want. tellme when, also fit an extra large butt plug in me at the same time. let me know "-- missstawpa

" misstawpa almost never came to be as an apathetic sperm cell of her fathers decided to rebel and really try. She grew up in modest means defining her cleavage the best she could off a meager estrogen level. Today, she goes to school for graphic design where she captures the attentions of her entire class in a sexy Andy Warhol'ish way that they or us 'commoners' will ever experience cause we're just not hip. She has a bright future, a wonderful kid and 50% chance of becoming a stripper. " -Alchemind Mar 24, 2013 6:38pm

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