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About Me

"PTxprimus I love how achieved and successful you try to make yourself look (over the internet nontheless), when in all actuality, you are a complete tool. Don't even try to come across as hip and edgy, because you fail. Just accept defeat, and submit. And yes, I know I am faceless, fuck off." - sshack

"Primus you're an oddly shaped and colored dog turd. You're the hair, from some cat the dog ate and then ended up in the dog shit and is now all colored silvery white and smells like a dog's ass, and dead cat hair, and shit, and hot dogs. You're not even the fly eating the dog turd or the maggot.. you're the dead cat hair, in the dog shit, that no one wants, and just has to hang around, waving in the air, hoping to get noticed, but no one wants to even eat you to survive, they would rather eat dog shit than you. No offense tho bro." - Colonel_Ingus

"PTxPrimus, anagramatically, spells "Mr Tux Pips". Clearly, we have a classy gentleman on our hands." - gregorius

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