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About Me

psst... hey over here..... yeah word on the street is that BigBadBaldie made Keld0n and radar cry all over their keyboards... Apparently Keld0n attempted suicide and is currently in a straitjacket in a padded room, and radar was successful in his attempt.... but hey thats just the word on the street...

Read my blogs... yeah I'm a hater, in a loving way... I'm hear to teach you faggots how to grow up and become men (except for BigBadBaldie of course, that guy a ferocious BEAST). You pizza faced bitches are in MY BOOT CAMP NOW! Get on your fucking knees, and give big daddy some gum, cuz this pork sword is sliding in deep...
Whose turn to get their brain smacked
backwards into a 900 vortex. I snap crackle
and pop ur brain stems and leave u bitches
verbally paralyzed
Puddy in my hands...
Puddy in my hands, ripe for the molding...

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