• Oh Yeah, that's me.  Trust Me...
    • Oh Yeah, that's me. Trust Me...

      • Islam has never grown up, as have most religions on earth.It resembles the Catholic faith during the worst excesses of the Inquisition,when thousands of non believers were put to the sword or burnt.It must change it's ways or the modern world will have to declare war on it.
      • May, 1 2013 11:22pm
    • Scumbag Jesus
    • Scumbag Jesus

      • The old testament,for what it's worth, was written down years after the events described.These were memories of a semi- barbaric group of nomads surviving in a hostile environment and surrounded by other tribes who wanted them dead.Having a war meant exterminating the enemy if possible.This religion was born in this atmosphere of fear,hatred,aggression,and reflects these attitudes that today can only be deemed hypocritical and disturbing nowadays.
      • Apr, 25 2013 09:11am
    • Why Dinosaurs Never Existed!
    • Why Dinosaurs Never Existed!

      • The foot bone connected to the leg bone,The leg bone connected to the knee bone,The knee bone connected to the thigh bone,The thigh bone connected to the back bone,The back bone connected to the neck bone,The neck bone connected to the head bone,Oh, hear the word of the Lord!
      • Apr, 25 2013 06:33am
    • Police Perform House Raids in Watertown MA...
    • Police Perform House Raids in Watertown...

      • are suggesting that if Citizens are law abiding and own their own guns 1.Authorities would be afraid to go to a house in case they were shot at 2.Citizens are better armed 3.Authorities do not have the right to search for terrorists.
      • Apr, 21 2013 11:28am
    • Anonymous - Operation Israel v2.0
    • Anonymous - Operation Israel v2.0

      • "Anyone" are three Palestinian hackers who are now cooling their heels in an Israili jail.They were tracked down and arrested in Gaza.
      • Apr, 14 2013 07:22am


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