• Jesus is White
    • Jesus is White

      • I think also if you go back and inspect the attitudes and observations of writers during the Roman Empire you find that they distinguish between peoples not so much by individual characteristics of race or color but by the quality of their station in life be it slave or senator,servant or scholar.These attitudes filtered down to the rest of Europe and were prevalent until the era of slavery.The next game changer in these attitudes came when the age of colonization began and Europe became the destination of varieties of ethnic emigres,distinguishing themselves by their color,language and culture.
      • Dec, 14 2013 06:21am
    • Jesus is White
    • Jesus is White

      • There is a theory that Jesus was represented with European features,blond hair,blue eyes,to distinguish him from being black as slavery was very common and the image of Jesus as a slave would reduce his marketability
      • Dec, 14 2013 05:00am
    • Jesus is White
    • Jesus is White

      • It is very hard to say why the art of Europe and Byzantium presented him as white when they knew from experience especially as a result of the 'holy wars' that those people were a little 'tan'.
      • Dec, 14 2013 04:50am


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