• Donald Trumps inauguration gone wrong!?!?!?
    • Donald Trumps inauguration gone...

      • U heard him dip shit....nuff said means....nuff fuckin said.....rosk.....lmao....Really-Old-Sack-Kisser....lmao....u fake ass wanna be troll...plz....respond to this so i know u really kiss sack lmfao..... #beotch #sacks4quarters #ufailatlife
      • Jan, 22 2017 04:33pm
    • KKK Member Confronted For Wearing FUBU Shoes At Rally
    • KKK Member Confronted For Wearing FUBU...

      • f.u.b.u farmers used to buy us..i know bad taste...yes fubu still exists and yes he is clan all the can u tell? well hes a dumbass for one and two ...a redneck at a kkk rally not with the clan...yeah right...and last he said your people...non racist people don't call them your people or you the KKK loves t.v right? invented by a black guy...they love air conditioning ...also a black i guess they can hate all they want...just goes to show how stupid the KKK really is...i mean the chance that they have things only made by whhhhites only is a joke....they are so against blacks yet they own a lot of things made or invented by blacks...and if the Klan think white people are better,why do they dress like Muslim women?
      • Aug, 3 2015 11:44pm
    • catapult almost has a tragic end
    • catapult almost has a tragic end

      • see everyone that says these thing get checked everyday is a fu*kin liar lol and thats why i dont do theme parks lol
      • Jul, 9 2015 08:44pm


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