• Maximum Randomness.
    • Maximum Randomness.

      • The fuck is it with eBaums? Post a grammaticaly correct response, but it changes it to blubber. Fuck me.
      • Jul, 7 2018 03:07am
    • Maximum Randomness.
    • Maximum Randomness.

      • 22. Lets be real. Post was probably written by some t'ween millennial who thinks they%u2019re the next Plato or some shit. Making excuses for them being incapable of having real relationships when they desperately seek them. Don%u2019t toss your jealousy our way just because you%u2019re too socially inept to form a real friendship or relationship, cunts. Face it, your parents were fuckin cooler than you%u2019ll ever be, dipshits.Other than that, great gallery!
      • Jul, 7 2018 03:05am
    • Savage Political Memes 3
    • Savage Political Memes 3

      • What I hope is that these threads are being produced by smooveb as a parody.. that would be brilliant. If so, bravo... if not however, fuck you and your brainwashed mind VictorMieses.. you're drinking way too much of the MSM koolaid, idiot.. WAKE THE FUCK UP! smooveb knocks your BS outta the park, as does any MF'r with an ounce of commonsense. MAGA
      • Jun, 18 2018 04:53am
    • Savage Political Memes
    • Savage Political Memes

      • Trump Derangement Syndrome in full effect in this libtarded list.. Learn the truth instead of posting this bullshit propaganda! MAGA!!
      • Jun, 17 2018 05:27pm
    • White Terrorism
    • White Terrorism

      • All you crazy ass brainwashed liberal shits can go suck a fuck!
      • May, 27 2018 02:45am


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