• Because we just can't get enough political Memes
    • Because we just can't get enough...

      • :-( I agree. Just because I hate that so many women think we have "Do our duty" to vote for a woman. You should see every women's magazine right now. It's ridiculous. How about voting for a candidate rather than a sex, race, religious affiliation, or because the media wants it that way?
      • Oct, 23 2016 10:12am
    • A throwback to the 50s~
    • A throwback to the 50s~

      • The hand written receipt is a nice touch (kind of looks like the same receipt they do for special orders at the local pizza dive)
      • Mar, 31 2016 09:17pm
    • Here's an 80s album for ya
    • Here's an 80s album for ya

      • I loved them too, used to make chocolate Popsicles out of them. Yoohoo was no where near as good
      • Jan, 19 2016 12:03pm
    • Oh $h!t Moments
    • Oh $h!t Moments

      • I actually found myself in a similar situation, believe it or not. It's amazing how quickly they back down when you start cracking up laughing and pretending to shoot the footage on your phone. The woman was super aggressive but when she saw I wasn't going to get out, roll down the window, or do anything more than crack up and film, she turned tail and got back in her car. Guess she didn't want to go viral :/
      • Jan, 7 2016 09:42pm
    • Flashback to the 80s
    • Flashback to the 80s

      • Ermigad! Salute your shorts was a great one. Was that where I got "Awful Waffle?"
      • Dec, 31 2015 12:01am
    • 17 pics that are so wrong
    • 17 pics that are so wrong

      • #4 was the scariest. When grandma gives you a present, you wear it when she can see it... this would leave lasting scars on the wearer and anyone who had to see it!
      • Dec, 23 2015 11:42am
    • Ahhh Thanksgiving
    • Ahhh Thanksgiving

      • Happy Thanksgiving, yall! I hope you're as stuffed as the turkey used to be :)
      • Nov, 26 2015 11:37pm
    • Another flashback to the 50s and 60s
    • Another flashback to the 50s and 60s

      • I always felt like I should have been born in the 50s- swing music, great clothes, respect for one another and not wasting time and life on texting and technology. People actually lived in real time, knew how to socialize and how to interact face-to-face. They dealt with problems, didn't feel self-rightous (like the world OWED them) and kids didn't get trophies just for signing up for a team (hell, you don't even have to show up anymore).
      • Nov, 3 2015 11:58pm


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