You might not know this about me, but I've been browsing eBaum's World since 2002. Yup, back in the days before YouTube and smartphones, when you actually had to work for your memes.

Back then things were pretty much the same as they are now, except you had to dial in to your internet connection before visiting eBaum's. Awesome videos got posted on here just like today, and then we all talked smack to each other in the comments. Good times.

At this point we're all just about immune to humor. To test my theory, we have a You Laugh You Lose Challenge. If you can get through all the 10 videos below without making a peep, you win some respeck. Can you do it?

1. Afro Ninja

This would explain why I never took up martial arts: I didn't want to end up on the internet like this guy. It's probably safer not waving around nunchucks anyway.

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2. Dramatic Chipmunk

It's sad to think that this chipmunk is dead now. Yup, he's definitely dead. They only live for like three years. Now we'll never know how it pulled off this face.

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3. GI Joe PSA - Porkchop Sandwiches

Hey look it's me. I'm famous. We have a whole bunch of these G.I. Joe PSA's you can find here.

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4. Grape Lady Song

I stubbed my toe just dancing to this song.

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5. I'm The Juggernaut

"Matter fact, I'm going to beat you with Charles". I reference this video all the time IRL and nobody knows what I'm talking about. Noobs.

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6. Numa Numa

This one isn't really that funny but consider it a quick break from all the other funny s*** on this page.

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7. Space People

Don't watch this one if you get triggered easily. Or if you're a space people.

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8. Spirit Of Truth

Y'all could use a little church. Get those demons out of ya.

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9. Star Wars Kid

Apparently this kid has mental problems from all the bullying over this video. That's awful, but that doesn't mean we can't watch it and laugh one last time.

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10. The Mobile Leprechaun

That sketch kills me everytime. It looks like a damn acorn.

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Did you laugh? Or did you lose? Let us know in the comments below.