Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and a photo from a WWE event

In what might be one of the most Florida headlines I've ever written about, live televised WWE fights are set to resume again after Florida governor Ron DeSantis declared them to be "essential" to the public and (more importantly) the state's economy. 

While the events will be closed to the general public - as is necessitated by the ongoing pandemic caused by COVID-19 - the WWE will be allowed to resume broadcasting. An April 9 memo from the governor declared s lockdown exemption for "employees at a professional sports and media production with a national audience," and after some conversation, it was determined that WWE wrestling was "critical" to Florida's economy.

john cena shrinking face

Yes, that IS where we are as a nation.

The WWE also released the following statement:

We believe it is now more important than ever to provide people with a diversion from these hard times. We are producing content on a closed set with only essential personnel in attendance following appropriate guidelines while taking additional precautions to ensure the health and wellness of our performers and staff. As a brand that has been woven into the fabric of society, WWE and its Superstars bring families together and deliver a sense of hope, determination and perseverance

It should be noted that this announcement comes on the heels of a person from WWE's on-screen talent testing positive for COVID-19, although that person has been noted to be of "low risk to WWE talent and staff."