There has been a lot of talk about Twitch's new Saftey Advisory Council, since its release into the world last week. The new eight-person panel was created by Twitch to help promote and keep a healthy Twitch community. But the decision has been met with tons of backlash. 

So why are so many gamers upset about the panel? Well, that has to do with one of the members and streamer FerociouslySteph. Who after the panel was announced started receiving a ton of hate and backlash, leaned into the triggering, and added more flame to the fire. 

Keem Star was one of the first people to post about the new appointee on Twitter saying, "Is this going to start GamerGate 2', (or something along those lines). And soon, well things took on a life of their own. 

Though it's pretty obvious that most people never read the Twitch blog, we think it's important, to you know, get first-hand information. And nowhere in the announcement does it say people on the panel can do whatever they please with impunity. 

The panel members are simply advisers, not employees, not ban hammer-wielding power-hunger tyrants. And sure, Steph went on stream after the announcement and started triggered people by saying, "I have the power", yeah to test new products. 

So to make it abundantly clear, FerociouslySteph isn't going to erase in-game chats, nor is she going to report all straight white men to the gaming FBI, nor is she going to force you to watch a 12-hour sissy hypo videos. 

She is one of eight people to be appointed as a Safety Advisor, and well, the gaming communities' reaction to her appointment is proof enough that it was the right decision. Because FFS, you really think Twitch is trying to brain control all you into transitioning?

And from the mouth of the dude who got this whole ball rolling is the real cherry on top. I mean, do you need any more proof that this isn't about gaming but gamers feeling some type of way, (particularly Keem) about a person, who yes - identifies as a deer. 

My favorite line is "used games as a platform to cause social change in our culture" amazing! Because no gamer has ever been gay or trans without first learning about these things in Twitch, or gaming blogs.