Mankind has always dreamt of soaring through the skies above us. From the Wright Brothers first flights On December 17, 1903, to present-day nothing has seemed cooler or more efficient than air travel. While there are many forms of aeronautical transportation available today, one thing has constantly eluded us throughout the decades... the flying car.

Recently, a company called "Opener" successfully completed their first manned flight of a single occupant, all-electric, Vertical Take off and Landing aircraft they dubbed "BlackFly". 

According to Opener's website,

 " Traffic congestion and long commutes are two leading causes of stress and reduction in quality of life. Countless hours are wasted on roads each day, idling in traffic--time that could be better spent with family and friends.

Our vehicles are intended to liberate the public from the restrictions of two-dimensional road travel by opening up a new world of unfeathered three-dimensional flight. Compact and simple, our vehicles are pioneering a new era of stress-free travel.

We envision the creation of new transportation networks consisting of personal aircraft that will provide people the freedom to live in the country, while still being able to work in the city. You will be able to experience the best of both worlds within a short flight. "

The company hopes the safety and efficiency of these aircraft will revolutionize the way we travel and boasts of cleaner, quieter, more efficient,  and safer air travel.

The project's success will obviously be dependant on what claims they can actually prove to such agencies as the Federal Aviation Administration and the US Department of Transportation.   The project already has attracted some big-named backers including Google's own Larry Page.

Check out this awesome flight demonstration video:

Below are some of the aircraft's technical and safety specs for anyone who was wondering. (i.e. nerds like myself).

You can see more on the company's website: