Houston we have a problem GIF - Houston Astros MLB cheating scandal

Uh oh, Houston really has a problem now. The Astros were already in hot water with MLB for going to extreme and illegal lengths to give their batters an edge against opposing pitchers. Now, new allegations have come out involving players wearing electronic "buzzing" devices on their chests that helped them determine what pitch was coming. Though MLB officials claim they did not find evidence of any of these devices in their investigation, images and videos have recently surfaced which makes those claims hard to believe. 

For those of you not in the know, or just a little bit confused. #Buzzergate started when a person claiming to be Astros player Carlos Beltran's niece accused the club of using buzzing devices to alert players to when certain pitches would be thrown. The Houston Astros have already been found guilty of illegally stealing signs from opposing pitchers to tip their batters to what pitches they'd be facing, so this isn't really much of a stretch to believe.

In wake of all of this, New York Mets manager, Carlos Beltran, was released from his position with the club. 

Twitter has been blowing up with different takes on this news all day long including some interesting conspiracies (some from actual MLB players) on who Beltran's niece really is. 

Joel Sherman, NY Post baseball columnist and MLB Network Insider, posted some interesting tweets from the MLB and Jose Altuve's manager regarding the allegations. 

MLB and sports fans in general are calling for serious actions to be taken to the team and players involved if these allegations are indeed true. 

Jose Altuve right now.