Adele and some friends taking a cool pose inside a hotel room

This is why we can't have nice things - or agree on just about anything in this day and age. And the most recent flash point on the Internet? The size of Adele's waist and if its okay to be happy for her or not. (it is)

And for those who aren't sure how to feel (no one) we are here to be your moral compass. Okay, here it is, you can feel however you want about someone's weight-loss, the only thing you can't do, is expect others to 1.listen to your opinions or 2. give a sh*t. 

Adele posted a photo on her Instagram for 32nd birthday and people lost it

And well, that's where Twitter gets it wrong, no one cares what they think, but when people get this upset over something as trivial as the weight of a celebrity, well, we have to grab the popcorn and soak up all the terrible takes. 

Adele and friends striking a pose

So here we go, into the septic tank that is 'body positivity' Twitter. You know what isn't up for debate? The fact that those who are overweight have much higher chances of dying from COVID-19 but you wont hear people defending obesity as a underlying condition for Coronavirus. 

These are the levels of mental gymnastics going down on Twitter - as if anyone is talking about Adele for any other reason. 

Though some on Twitter still have some of their marbles, comments like these are sadly few and far in between.