Funny Amazon reviews list.

Here at eBaum's World we love leaving reviews for our Amazon purchases. Whether we're leaving a review for the stress balls we bought to release our tension after reading your angry comments, or bags of pistachios, we don't waste any time with leaving our feedback.

During our hundreds of hours spent ordering pistachios we've seen some funny reviews. Below are 14 of them.

1. $39,000 Speakers

2. Delicious Food Container

3. Greatness

4. Hush Little Baby

5. It's A Little Hard to See To Be Honest

6. Magical Concoction

7. Mrs. Satan

8. Pillsbury

9. RIP Doggo

10. Stabbed

11. So Much Passion

12. The Ultimate Solution

13. Translucence Is Her Worst Nightmare

14. When You're Walking Down The Hall, And You Feel Something Fall